Fun Facts and Inspiration for February 6

Fun Facts and Inspiration for February 6

Inspiration . . .

“The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” John Burroughs

Did you know . .

Tennessee won its nickname as The Volunteer State during the War of 1812 when volunteer soldiers from Tennessee displayed marked valor in the Battle of New Orleans.

There are more than 10,000 species of butterflies worldwide?

Penguins faithfully mate for life?

A female pig that has not had piglets is called “gilt” and a sow once she has?

Geisha means “person of the arts” and the very first geishas in Japan were actually men?

Everyone has his or her own unique odor identity or “smell fingerprint”?

Butterflies have special ultraviolet (UV) reflectants on their wings which are visible only to other butterflies?

The first breakfast cereal ever produced was Shredded Wheat?

In a real estate contract one of the elements necessary in order to be binding is consideration. Consideration is anything of value given to induce someone to enter into a contract. It may be money, other property or even “love and affection” as is the case many times when property is “sold” to family members.

If you need help sorting between fact and fiction in real estate, give me a call.

As always, if I can help with any of your real estate needs, please feel free to text or call me at 615 417-8182 or email me at



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