Fun Facts and Inspiration for July 8

Fun Facts and Inspiration for July 8


Inspiration . . .            

“Every saint has a past.  Every sinner has a future.”  Unknown author

Did you know that  . . 

A Boeing 747’s wingspan is longer than the Wright brothers first flight?

Statistically, (per capita) it is safer to live in New York City than it is to live in Pine Bluff, Arkansas?

‘Gullible” is not actually a word and cannot be found in any dictionary?

Cigarette smoke contains 4,800 chemicals, 69 of which can cause cancer?

The search engine ‘Google” got its name from the word googol – which refers to the number one with a hundred zeros after it?

Undoubtedly, some of the readers of this blog will look up the word ‘gullible”.

In real estate, buyers and sellers need to be cautious of out dated data.  For example: Financial data is many times reported almost two months after the fact.  In the market right now trends are happening on a daily basis.  Clients need to be mindful of this information when trying to determine if now is the right time to buy or sell.

If you are thinking of buying or selling, talk to a REALTOR who can give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

As always, if I can help with any of your real estate needs, please feel free to text or call me at 615 417-8182 or email me at



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