Fun Facts and Inspiration for May 16


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Inspiration . . .

“Reputation is for time; character is for eternity.” J.B.Gough


Did you know that . . .

When Apollo 11’s lunar module landed on the moon, there was just 20 seconds of fuel remaining?

In 1860, when England’s Prince of Wales visited the White House, so many guests accompanied the Prince that President James Buchanan had to sleep in the hallway?

In ten minutes a hurricane releases more energy than all the world’s nuclear weapons combined?

The next time you want to turn up your nose at corduroy, remember that the word corduroy comes from the French word, ‘cord du roi’ which means “cloth of the king’.

The tectonic plates of Asia and India continue to press against each other and force Mount Everest higher about 4 millimeters a year?

The word ‘Crayola’ as in the crayons, is a French word that means “oily chalk”?

90% of all volcanic activity occurs in the ocean?

Statistics show that 61.4% of the average American family’s net worth is in home equity and that a homeowner’s net worth is over 30 times greater than that of a renter!

If you are thinking of buying or selling, talk to a REALTOR who can give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

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